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Nancy Jane MooreI became a writer because writing about a subject made it possible for me to understand it. I began writing fiction because reading great stories taught me the kind of truth that is often obscured in recitations of facts.

My science fiction novel, The Weave, is coming out in July from Aqueduct Press . I have been publishing everything from flash fiction to novellas for more than fifteen years, but this will be my first The Weavenovel.

I am a founding member of the authors' publishing cooperative Book View Cafe, which has published two of my novellas and three collections in ebook editions. My short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and in magazines ranging from Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet to the National Law Journal. Aqueduct Press and PS Publishing have published print editions of my books.

My essays and reviews appear frequently in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the WisCon Chronicles, and on various blogs and online magazines.

In addition to writing, I've studied martial arts since 1979 and hold a fourth degree black belt in Aikido. After growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast and spending many years in Washington, DC, I now make my home in Oakland, California.

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